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 I found this great article on io9 and had to share it here, regarding crow's intelligence and facial recognition skills
Studies like this are what got me interested in corvids to begin with.

Of The Wand And The Moon - Raven Chant

...In the silence
true consecration
In this silence
there shall be a
raven chant
And in the chant - all solace
And in this
solace true

Come on night
Come on moon
Come on winter

And the dead of light
Come on tears
Come on love
Come on cries
In the abode af night
Come on night
Take me home
Come on love
Sing alone
To this Raven chant
Of loss and wore
Raven night
Take me home

In this dawning of
the raven tear
Where wolf crave for night
And in that night a
chant shall rose
In the temple of dawn
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The proud crow

Hitopadesha Tales are a collection of folk tales from india
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To start us off

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The music wont be to every-ones taste but there are some beautiful images